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Production, maintenance, engineering, design, and development…there’s no shortage of jobs to do in the manufacturing industry. Luckily, there’s a Precision tool for every one of them. Production workers, maintenance mechanics, engineers and other design and product development pros use our fractional and metric wrenches, sockets, and drive tools—along with a wide range of other tough tools—to take on the demands of the plant. Use various tools to adjust machinery, CNC equipment, and conveyor systems, or assemble parts. If something needs to get done, you can rely on OPG to help.

Our tools haven’t only been designed with utility in mind; OPG cares about your safety and comfort, too. That’s why all tools are equipped with features like anti-slip grips, non-sparking materials, and anti-vibrational handles.

No matter what product, equipment, or supply your plant makes, there’s a exact tool designed to help you get the job done right.